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Australian Scale Aerobatics Association


Contact Committee

Positions Name E mail Phone Mail to this person
President Michael Hobson president@scaleaeros.com.au 0439711719 Email
Vice President Steve Maitland vicepresident@scaleaeros.com.au 0421606072 Email
Secretary Peter Bryner secretary@scaleaeros.com.au 0412274426 Email
Treasurer Jordan Kendall treasurer@scaleaeros.com.au 0437869733 Email
Contest Director Dan Carroll contestdirector@scaleaeros.com.au 0432916946 Email
NT State Rep Ray Younger rayyounger@smartchat.net.au 0403545664 Email
NSW/ACT State Rep Scott Bardney sbardney@activ8.net.au 0409144618 Email
QLD State Rep Michael Paul mike@twmbaplastering.com.au 0419029501 Email
Vic State Rep Michael Andrysik mandrysi@bigpond.net.au 0413122035 Email
WA State Rep Peter Pryner brynerp1@bigpond.com 0412274426 Email
Webmaster Dan Carroll webmaster@scaleaeros.com.au 0432916946 Email
SA State Rep Craig Hewitt chewitt260@gmail.com 0456842400 Email
National Development Director Michael Andrysik mandrysi@bigpond.net.au 0413122035 Email
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